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Safe Triage Limited provides a combination of technology and service capabilities to deliver an enhanced pre-hospital care solution that can be connected to other technologies and care systems to provide a holistic emergency care solution.

Our overall vision is for a future-proof platform that supports an effective solution with a range of technology and services that contribute to better coordinated and supported pre-hospital care with receiving hospitals and control centre.

The platform has the capability to support paramedics to take early action to improve patient care utilising embedded and remote medical support tools using the latest wireless monitoring devices supplemented by video capture and conferencing. It provides an effective single point of access for pre hospital data to improve patient care prior to and on immediate arrival into hospital.



Fully automated triage for individual and Mass Casualty Scenarios

Safe Triage Pro is a fully automated triage solution for the emergency services with secure, real-time patient and incident information delivery to receiving hospitals that supports individual or multiple patients at the scene of an incident.

  • Lightweight, ruggedised, touch screen Tablet PC with WiFi, HSDPA, GSM/Satellite connectivity.
  • Fully automated, ePRF with secure ‘real’ time data delivery to receiving hospital.
  • Flexible and intuitive patient data input aligned to a services Standard Operating Procedures
  • Vital sign monitoring and transmission.
  • Scalable to track patients and support Mass Casualty scenarios.
  • Full remote device management support
  • Optional video conferencing to enable full telemedicine


motion tablet

24/7 Remote emergency medical assistance

Safe Triage is a secure patient electronic data capture, remote monitoring and support telemedicine care system which provides safe and effective care at the scene of an emergency incident and offers ‘real time’ decision support.

  • Ruggedised, touch screen Tablet PC with WiFi, HSDPA, GSM or Satellite connectivity.
  • Automated wireless vital sign peripheral connectivity to device
  • Easy to use for non-medically trained people
  • Secure ‘real’ time data delivery to 24/7 emergency medical team.
  • Built in medical and drugs database
  • Optional video conferencing to enable full telemedicineconsultation

Non Governmental Organisations

Remote medical support solutions, designed by clinicians

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